Welcome to a new tale at 1. th


Mette Martinussen now welcomes you to Two evenings where you´ll be gently guided through a story, a meal and small staged surprises - evenings where anything can happen.


Throughout the last years, Mette Martinussen has created poetic and magical tales that call for settings by artistic souls - in a glade in the forest, the dark underground cisterns, and the historic cellars under Carlsberg, where visitors were taken on an enchanted and sensuous journey.


And now the time has come to bring this adventurous spirit to the newly decorated and beautiful rooms as 1.th., where stories and artistic expressions will come together to encircle a unique dining experience.




Between heaven and table.


A gastronomic tale that challenge the way we eat - with gold desserts and butterflies on a soup canvas. 

We serve a meal in the seductive univers for our guest - we invites them to look up from the pate and discover that there are more things in heaven and tabel - other people.

The scenography decor and menu in between heaven and tabel is inspired by the four basic elements. The airy and gauzy moves into the more heavy. The many dishes are being served by chefs and waiters in different rooms in the apartment. With heaven, gold and a planted tree as a part of the interior.

The team behind


Idea: Mette Martinussen -  Idea/Set Design: Catherine Poher  - Idea/Sound Design: Ditlev Brinth - Head Chef: Louise Kistvad -  Kitchen inspiration: Mikkel Maarbjeg -  Glasartist: Nina Nørregaard - Costume: Lena Bjerregaard - Chefs/waiters: Katrine Melike, Emil Sainis, Rebecca Flösser, Sara Buus Marcussen, Ella Koppel. Playlist: Minna GroossSet Design: Rasmus Rahbek -  Technique: Kenneth Kreutzfeldt
 - Sommelier: Nils Thyge - Cocktail: Regin Bennetzen