Terms and conditions

Existing terms and conditions are the at all times applicable conditions for entering into Internet agreements with 1.TH. ApS. Conditions are subject to change without further notification.

Lastly updated on Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The company

Legal name: 1.TH. ApS
VAT no: DK26070368
Phone: +45 3393 5770
E-mail address: 1th(a)1th.dk
Address: Herluf Trolles gade 9, 1.th, 1052 Copenhagen K

Finalization of agreement

The sales agreement is subject to Danish law and regulations.
All cited prices are in DKR and include Danish VAT (25%), however additional charges for the use of credit cards do not include VAT.

All contracts/agreements are committed to in Danish.

The agreement is binding once the booking is processed.

Booking a table or an arrangement

You book a table or an arrangement on 1th.dk where you will find more information about current activities.

You can pay for business arrangements and gift vouchers by invoice, while all other bookings must be paid for online with a debit or credit card or by bank transfers.

Table and arrangement bookings CANNOT be cancelled or annulled by the customer!

If we deem that there are too few bookings for an evening, we reserve the right to cancel any booked reservations. In the event we will contact you to either try and find an alternative or refund your order.
As reservations are possible until 24 hours prior to an event, we might have to cancel your order with short notice.

Prices and payment

Table bookings and gift vouchers

Once you have made a booking, your payment cannot be refunded (please see right of cancellation).

If there are more than 16 days between the date of booking and event, it is possible to postpone payment until 16 days before the event.
In relation to postponed payments, it is possible to pay by bank transfer or online via the link in the electronic invitation forwarded to you by email.

If you choose to pay online, your card will be debited immediately after purchase.

If there are less than 16 days from the date of booking until the event, you can only pay online.

Cards that can be used to pay online: Dankort, Visa Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB and American Express.

All communication regarding payments between you and QuickPay, 1.th’s financial facilitator, is encrypted, which ensures that no one else can access your card information. Your card information is forwarded directly to Nets, a payment converter, and 1.TH ApS have no access to your card information.

Bookings paid for by debit card are subject to a surcharge.
These surcharges are determined by 1.th’s payment converter and are listed below:

Dankort and Visa Dankort: DKR 1.39 per transaction.
Danish credit cards: 1.5% of the total order, though no less than DKR 0.70
Foreign credit cards: 3.75% of the total order, though no less than DKR 1.95

Surcharges are calculated on entering you card number.

It is not possible to withdraw amounts in excess of the payment you have approved.

Business Arrangements

It is possible to pay for business arrangements by invoice.

Once the reservation is confirmed, our accountant forwards an invoice, and as a rule, the terms of payment is within 8 days. If less than 8 days remain before the event, the time allowed for payment will be less.

Business Gift Vouchers

When purchasing business gift vouchers, you can pay by credit card or invoice.

If you choose to pay by credit card, the booking will be expedited faster as the amount is immediately debited from you account.

Forwarding of Invoices

If you pay by debit card you can indicate that you would like an invoice to be forwarded, or alternatively you can contact our accountant: bogholder(a)1th.dk. Please include you booking reference in any correspondence. You find the reference number on the receipt and the confirmation email

Gift vouchers

You order gift vouchers on our website, which will then be forwarded by snail mail to whomever ordered the voucher(s) unless another address is noted in the special request box.

It will usually take 4-5 days from the day of booking for the gift voucher to reach you. If you need the gift voucher sooner, you can pick it up in person, however, we kindly ask you to phone us first, to ensure that someone will be there to meet you.

You can order gift vouchers for any number of guests; the number will appear on the gift voucher.

Please note that our prices change over time, you are however guaranteed that no additional surchages will be applied 6 months from the issuing date.

The gift voucher is valid for 2 years from the date of issue (as noted on the voucher).

Terms of delivery

Once the payment is completed, an invitation is forwarded by email, complete with terms and conditions, stating what you have booked as well as the exact date and time of booking.

The invitation is your booking confirmation and thus confirms the agreement entered into.

Right of cancellation

In accordance with Danish Law (Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler, §9, stk. 2 og §17, stk. 2) purchases of food, including servings (in restaurants etc.) are not included in the right of cancellation as table and arrangement bookings via a website are predetermined to take place on a specific date or within a specific period. For further information, please see www.forbrug.dk

If you are a private person purchasing a gift voucher, the purchase is subject to the right of cancellation and you can cancel it within 14 days, either by phoning us: +45 3393 5770 or emailing us: 1th(a)1th.dk. You must present your order number, which you receive when ordering the voucher, and if the voucher has not already been used to make a booking, it will be annulled and the money reversed to the card used to make the purchase.

Personal information and Personal data policy

In connection with a purchase, you have to provide information such as name, address and email; information, which will appear on the receipt, forwarded to you after booking a table or arrangement. All registered information in relation to purchases will be deleted after 5 years, except basic data such as: name, address, phone number and email. 1.TH ApS will not pass on any information to a third party.

As a user, you will always be able to find out what information 1.TH ApS has registered under your name. You can oppose the registration in accordance with personal data legislation. Personal information is transferred and kept un-encrypted.


1th.dk uses cookies, and below you can read about what cookies are and what they do.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file, stored in your computer. Cookies can contain both digits and text, e.g. dates. Cookies are not programs and they do not contain viruses or equally damaging codes. A cookie enables a website to store specific information, which allows the website to recognize the user later on or return to previously sought information, e.g. login information, information about previous visits, specifically which parts of the website you have previously visited.
Cookies can only be accessed by the website address from which they have been stored. Ordinary cookies, which are stored from the website, are usually embedded in the browser’s address bar. However, a website can also contain fragments and information from other addresses than they one shown in the browser address bar, such as banner advertisements or analytical tools or even just ordinary content. Thus cookies from addresses other than the one you are currently visiting can be stored as so-called third party cookies.
Some cookies (so-called session cookies) will only be saved for one browser session (i.e. they will be deleted when the browser is shut down), while others are saved for at specifically defined amount of time before being deleted (so-called persistent cookies).

Which Cookies are Used by 1th.dk and why?

Our website only uses session cookies in order to recognize you as you browse our website.
This cookie is automatically used by 1.th’s CMS system and is necessary for the CMS system to remember whether you are booking a table or an arrangement. The name of the cookie is ‘fe_typo_user’ and it will automatically be deleted when you shut down your browser.
If you have questions about the cookies used by 1th.dk, you are welcome to contact us (please see Contact).

How do I Avoid the Use of Cookies on the Website?

No matter which browser you use, you can set the browser to not save cookies. Some browsers even allow you to set them to not save cookies on specific websites.

You should be aware, however, that you will not be able to book a table from our website if you have deactivated cookies.

How can I delete cookies?

You can also delete cookies in you browser settings. You can get help from your browser or connected websites. Below we have listed links to the most commonly used browsers:
Internet Explorer: windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/delete-manage-cookies#ie=ie-11
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Apple Safari: support.apple.com/kb/ph5042

You can find more information about cookies at aboutcookies.org

Reservations about errata and omissions

1.th ApS reserve the right of errata and omissions in relation to price and descriptions of arrangements.

Further information

You can find more information on payment via the Internet at: forbrug.dk (Site is in Danish)


If you have problems or questions you are always welcome to contact us by phone: +45 3393 5770, Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 AM or you can write to us. We recommend that you contact us via email 1th(a)1th.dk


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Log statistics

1th.dk uses log statistics, i.e. a statistics system that collects information, which provides a statistic overview of how many visitors a website has had, where they are located and, where on the website do users leave it, etc. The log statistics are only used to optimize the website and its functionality